The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Before I start on the awesome time we have been having here at camp let me talk to you about POPCORN and GRAM CRACKER. Those are the loving names there grandkids have deemed them with. Way Cute!

They are 2 of the most amazing people we have met. They have such a heart for GOD. In their life time they have been apart of so many adventures like operating and owning a camp with over 100 Staff members and had a thriving youth center filled with sports and skating activities. Today they still own a portion of the camp and continue to do CAMP JOSEA during the summer for inner city orphans. They also own and operate STOP HOP & ROLL! Which was once the youth center and has now been converted to a BOUNCE HOUSE fun zone. CHECK IT OUT!!!

1 year ago we had come here with the same heart of wanting to serve. We knew God was calling us to do more and get out of the rat race. We were ready for something different and thought that jumping on board with their already formed game plan, was the plan God had for us. Through a series of events we ended up turning them down and felt like this was not for us anymore. This was no coincidence. Looking back on it now we know God needed to teach us some more. And more importantly we weren’t to fit into a square peg we had our own adventure to conquer.

So fast forward to today. We have been at the camp since May. We lived in a cabin for a while and then transferred over to the Motor Coach.

The 1st few weeks were met with challenges that could have easily deterred us from this journey. We took cold, shot gun showers and dealt with severe motion sickness. We combated it with ginger and leveling the coach! Hubby broke his rib (playing with the kids) so spent several weeks sleeping on the floor since he couldn’t get on a bunk.

If we weren’t so AWAKE we would have packed our stuff and left. We would have thought we couldn’t hack this country life, or God doesn’t want us here, look at all the bad stuff that is happening!


We knew better though. Spiritual war fare is alive and thriving everyday. And these were all clear enemy attacks. Remember God LOVES. God wants all good things to work together for HIS GLORY. The enemy doesn’t want you seeking HIM, or doing anything for the KINGDOM, and he will derail you as best he can.

So all of these events followed with Prayer and Praise. We have had great days and some really hard days. But we keep Fighting the good fight and Praising our KING.

GET ALONE WITH HIM. He loves to restore and renew new life into you.


So at camp there are 2 horses,

2 donkeys, a huge fishing lake with an awesome picnic table floating boat. A camp fire section. A pretty cool playground, volley ball net, pavilion, and several cabins. Plenty of wild plants, and space to get lost in nature.

We were introduced to HOBO FOOD PACKS, at the camp fire and SAUSAGE on A STICK. It was so fun!!!

The YOUTH CENTER is another spot we spend most of our time.

It has 2 beautiful Draft horses,

Cheyenne and lobo

2 bunnies, 2 goats, a bunch of turtles, 3 doves, and 2 Guinea pigs.

We have been involved in the implementation of the GARDEN. We watched Back To Eden gardening what a great documentary explaining how to easily garden. Conventional gardening is not for us ever again!

I of course love their stainless steal conventional kitchen and have been allowed to prepare wonderful meals for the team here. I know that motor coach life wont provide such luxuries but I am enjoying it while we have it.

Although we were sad to leave our homeschool group in Bayonne we were welcomed with open arms to the WACKY WEDNESDAY HOMESCHOOLERS of this area.

In addition to having social time there, and during the open play at stop hop and roll the kids have started Horse Classes.

The level of richness this family has living in the country downsized from HOME go motor coach has been overwhelming.

Nothing could have prepared us for this adventure and tremendous blessing.

We sill want to hit the road but in the mean time we are enjoying all that camp and center life have to offer us.

Will we ever get on the road?

That seems to be the question on everyone’s mind, including ours.

The biggest issue is that so much still needs to be done before we are ready to hit the open road.

Major Projects on the list are as followed:

master bedroom in the back,

Replacing microwave

making an entertainment compartment,adding a washer and dryer (so that means we need a bigger water tank, and figuring out plumbing), figuring out what to do with the rest of that storage area as well. Ideas are floating. We also hope to put in heated flooring, and wood floors throughout. So ripping up the existing carpet. Front couches have had there back cushions removed to accommodate beds. We hope to make them interchangeable guest beds for visitors.

Then minor things like fixing the side panels,

painting the Vanhool sign.

Touch up paint on the outside of the coach. Organizing it all. Including storage underneath.

Phew!!! We have so much to do still. I’m sure I missed a bunch of little things. But we have enough to do for now.

More pics to come on the Master Bedroom as we progress.

Soap Making is So Awesome

When you start DIY projects what’s your main focus??

Remember were not just wandering around in circles, were not LOST.

We are looking to be frugal, and purposefilled.

We want health to be a major priority while allowing some fun and creativity to flow.

Soap making was just a natural step to the process of being a homesteader.

And it’s so easy!!!

The intimadation is the LYE. Well fear not, If you can cook with hot oils, pay attention to temperatures and your not afraid to Zap test, You got this!!!

Check this super quick video of us making our 1st batch of soap.

Pretty awesome.

Here’s the finish product.

Since then we have made some coffee and eyculuptus soap as well, pick me ups are needed around here!!!

Do you have a favorite soap combination???

I love experimenting with this but most of all love the time I’m spending with Hubby in the process.

If your not into the soap making process but love the idea of Homemade All Natural soap you can buy it from us instead here’s where you can do that.


A Heart Change

Have you ever felt like you were spinning your wheels in a never ending rat race??

No matter how much money you would attain that cup always seemed empty and Never satisfying.

Well we have.

We worked hard to make our dreams come to fruition. Always leading the reins instead of allowing God to lead.

Yet through it all, His Grace and Love surrounded us.

The Search for the creator not only become necessary but we really had no say in the matter!!! Like a horses Bridle pulling us in the direction He wanted us to go, we had no choice but to listen and follow.

We were immersed in the world. Enjoying all the pleasures it had to offer us.

From craft breweries to fancy brunches, luxury living, and a hearty foodie appetite. We traveled any time we had off from work. We’ve flown first class, last class, and red-eye. We often said we weren’t spoiled and were great at saving. But what we couldn’t see is how our heart was becoming spoiled.

Our heart was for our kids. We wanted to give them the world and Love on them as much as possible.

But we’re we really???

About 7 years ago God laid upon our hearts the need to Homeschool our kids. They were 2 and 16 months old not even school age!! But the call was there.

I never thought I would homeschool. But my heart tugged on the need to keep them safe and Train up my children in the way that they should go.

God kept gently reminding us that This was his plan for us. I didn’t see the bigger picture, and I’m not sure I even still have the full view!!!

Maybe once school was great! And maybe even there are places where it still is great, but as we looked in to it. It wasn’t for us. And Homeschooling was a clear call from God. Fast forward to today. Homeschooling has been an amazing roller coaster. Filled with tears, laughter, more hugs then I can count, silly games, awesome science experiments, and an adventure I couldn’t imagine missing out on.

So here we are living the City life. We thought we had it balanced. Daddy had a job that offered him plenty of time off. So hikes and bike rides were always on the list of things to do.

And yet it still seemed empty

And yet we still longed for more

I thought that we had all we could want and desire.

What was missing why wasn’t it satisfying??

In the midst of all of this, we were struggling with our faith.

Let’s take a back story moment.

Hubby grew up in a Pentecostal Assemblies of God church. His Dad was the Worship Pastor, so he was a typical Pastors Kid (PK).

I grew up in a house the professed to be Catholic yet our true beliefs were driven By our Ancestors. Which was an Amazonian Native Indian Tribe. My Great Great Grandmother was the Witch Doctor of the tribe. The teachings of her craft were handed down generationally. I was to be the next successor in line.

One of the most important things to my husband before we could get married is that I at least attend church. He knew that God would change my heart, no need to push me to convert. And he was right! It didn’t take long, my heart jumped for THE KING and longed to LOVE and Know him. It was a pretty easy transition as I grew up under the false mask of Catholicism. I knew Jesus was who he was. And the Supernatural was as real to me as this earthly plain is. So, when Jesus came to meet me, when he sought me out, and Knew me by name, by my secrets and heart aches and met me with Love and a wide open heart, I could do nothing more then to surrender my soul to HIM. That was 13 years ago.

Since then it has been a battle. Which is not surprising when you come into the kingdom of GOD.

GOD Loves you so Passionately and Lucifer hates you so Passionately.  Remember that!

Lucifer is so jealous of the close relationship we can have with the King and the Father. He wants to destroy. What better way for him to do that but to distract you from worshipping, praising, and proclaiming His Holy name.

He doesn’t have to work hard at it either. His infiltration in the Western world has become blinding. Media, Selfies, SELF SATISFIYING ME, ME, ME. More Stuff, More money, work and grind hard, and then party harder. All of this allows our flesh to take the lead of our Soul and puts the Creator on the back burner.

I am so grateful for his Consistency. For his endless love letters and for never giving up on us.

Meeting The love of my Life was no accident. It was written in the stars long ago. God ordained for His glory. It has been a constant pull to God for both of us.

As My husband pulled away from his up bringing and Church. I could do nothing but surrender to the KING.

As a new Christian I thought I had to fill this CHECK BOX.

daily report schedule paper on brown clipboard

Check I only listen to Worship music

Check I am an Obedient Wife

Check  I go to Church

Check I pray for others

Check I JUDGE AND SCOFF AND GOSSIP. (hehe just kidding but that seems to be the standard for churchy people!)

I was missing the boat and frustrating my marriage. If God calls us to be Respectful and Loving why was I constantly demanding my husband to PUNCH A CLOCK and Fill out a CHECK BOX?

I learned quickly that all my Creator wanted, was for me to just be WITH HIM.

I didn’t need a church to do that.

Really, Christian church had become another Catholic church. Were you can only meet God there.

So I gave in and I stopped churchy things and decided to spend TIME WITH GOD ALONE.

This was the most important thing I could have done in my life!

I created a prayer closet after watching WAR ROOM, great movie.


I just started journaling my prayers, my hopes, my hearts desires.  I cried and called out to MY FATHER as often as my heart and soul needed it. I began diving into scripture and writing the PROMISES GOD Had for my life. I pinned them all up in the Closet so I could be constantly be reminded of them every time I walked in.

I started this process in 2015. that year we decided to take a road trip for our 10 year anniversary. We went to Virginia, South Carolina , Florida, and Georgia. ( all through time share) While in Florida we got BAPTIZED in our Aunt and Uncle’s Pool by there YOUTH PASTOR, who is so on fire for GOD. He was refreshing and like minded and KNEW our heart longed for this connection with the KING.

After that things only got more intense. Hubby started having dreams, and not the good kind. THINK RAPTURE! Waking up sweating, having to check out the window if chaos had broken through, and being grateful it was just a dream. This was reoccurring and progressively scarier.

God was calling his heart hard!! So I just kept praying, thinking that the outcome would be us going back to church! hehe. How wrong am I about what the KING wants from us.

Suddenly we found ourselves longing to serve and go on missions. Thailand anyone??? We were ready to leave it all behind and go cross country and dive into the worst of it for His glory. But God had other plans.

Nanny (hubby’s grandma) got very sick and landed in the hospital. So since we had nothing better to do we went to visit her.

When we arrived our Uncle Popcorn was there. And that was no COINCIDENCE.

God makes ALL THINGS WORK FOR HIS GLORY, and had orchestrated this amazing adventure right before our eyes.

Here is the Back Story on WHY MEETING POPCORN was GOD inspired and what we have been doing at the CAMP since.

So after listening to everything that was transpiring in our lives Popcorn offered us a 45foot Vanhool Converted tour BUS.


We have always loved traveling and now, the idea of ROAD SCHOOLING WAS EXCITING.

We didn’t want to lose focus though. We are mission minded and continued to seek GOD for answers. We started attending bible studies and the Gathering at our Uncles Place AND never left.

We still want to get on the road but like I said so much work is still needed!!


About Us

Hey All! We are so excited you hoped on over to get to know us and our story a bit more.

Our inner circle of 4 is Me, (Mom) Dad (The one who Wanders) and our 2 Awesome Kids Princess and Hammer.


We started this space so we can document our journey for the purpose of Road Schooling and so we can share with everyone the simplicity of what Life can look like.

Not All Who Wander are Lost!

What a great quote this is. So many tribes that love the nomad life often get miss-categorized as LOST.

Well This tribe like many out there, aren’t LOST. We may not know what Destination is next but we Know our Focus!

We love to call ourselves Followers of the Way. And try our best to live by that. We have Strong opinions on health, and the quality of time spent with each other. Our Kids are still young enough where they Want to spend time with us, But old enough that adventures are exciting. We Want to instill in them a love for their Creator. A foundation of Truth, respect and Love. We Hope that Orphan Walk ministry Will help center them on what truly matters, loving those in need, serving and helping.

So many are Lost, in their social media, in them selves. Droned Out by TV screens and Video games. HEY, not that we haven’t been their, but we’ll talk about that.

I hope I can write freely and you can take what you like and leave what you don’t. This space is more for us, to look back on our memories, to share our Awesome Recipes, and Educate those that have No clue what’s going on, or what could be better.

We all Start some where. And we didn’t start at the TOP. nor would I say we landed at the TOP. We are right were we should be, LIVING ON A BUS!!