The End of the Laundromat! No tears necessary.

We have been going to the laundromat now for several weeks. Originally we thought that we could fit a washing machine in the RV. After taking some measurements we realized that was not an option. So off to the laundromat we would go. Most RVer’s live this way, and it really wasn’t that bad. The expense though was starting to add up.

So we did what we do best, research how we can make this make sense.



Although its not large capacity HE machine, it fits perfectly in a lower compartment in our RV.  If you use biodegradable detergent you can dump it on the ground no problem. So it doesn’t add to your gray tank. It costs $160 but, that will pay for it self after 8 uses. It didn’t make sense to keep spending the money at the laundromat. Some laundromats we went to the machines were old and didn’t do a good job anyways. So money was just flying out the window. This was worth the investment!

You can fit about 8lbs of clothes. We were able to do 1 laundry basket full in 3 runs. Each run takes a 15min wash cycle and a 5min spin cycle. The wash cycle takes 5 gallons of water, if that information is necessary to you. Oh, and of course what was important to us, is that it didn’t draw to much energy, which it doesn’t!

Please remember that I am not getting paid to say any of this. We hope this helps some other RV/Camper. That being said we are AMAZON AFFLIATES, so we do get a small percent back if you purchase through our link! It helps support us, and is no extra cost to you.



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  1. We have a love/hate relationship with ours. It’s really great when we have hookups… but without city water at a campsite our tank just doesn’t hold enough water to run it and still have our daily water consumption functions. We’re working on that though. Enjoy reading your blog. 🙂

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