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Hey All! We are so excited you hopped on over to get to know us and our story a bit more.

Our inner circle of 4 is Me (Mommy), Daddy (the wanderer) and our 2 Awesome Kids Princess and Hammer.

We started this space so we can document our journey for the purpose of Road Schooling and so we can share with everyone the simplicity of what Life can look like.

Not All Who Wander are Lost!

What a great quote this is. So many tribes that love the nomad life often get miscategorized as LOST.

Well, this tribe, like many out there, isn’t LOST. We may not know what Destination is next but we Know our Focus!

We love to call ourselves Followers of the Way. And try our best to live by that. We have Strong opinions on health, and the quality of time spent with each other. Our Kids are still young enough where they Want to spend time with us, But old enough that adventures are exciting. We Want to instill in them a love for their Creator. A foundation of Truth, respect and Love. We Hope that Orphan Walk ministry will help center them on what truly matters, loving those in need, serving and helping.

So many are Lost, in their social media, in themselves. Droned Out by TV screens and Video games. HEY, not that we haven’t been there, but we’ll talk about that.

I hope I can write freely and you can take what you like and leave what you don’t. This space is more for us, to look back on our memories, to share our Awesome Recipes, and Educate those that have No clue what’s going on, or what could be better.

We all Start somewhere. And we didn’t start at the TOP, nor would I say we landed at the TOP. We are right where we should be, LIVING ON A BUS!!

3 Comments on “About Us

  1. This is so great..I feel lucky to know you and to see how far you have both come….keep on growing♡♡♡♡Gail

  2. I met you in the parking lot of ALDI in Apopka, FL and think what you are doing is just wonderful, for your children and for you. I wish you safe, happy travels.

  3. Thanks Laurie, so glad you were able to meet us and then find the blog. I hope you keep following us and you spread the word.
    Not sure where this will lead or how it will inspire others. But I know we all need to connect, and add richness to each others lives.
    Sorry I missed out on meeting you personally. But my other half is pretty darn cool too. 😉

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